Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Confessions of a Southern Girl During Hollywood Awards Season…

Awards season madness has come to a close…and what a crazy, yet amazing few months!

A few adjectives to describe this experience: starstruck, exhausting, exhilarating, Leo-fied

When I started my new job in the Awards department at Paramount, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Lots of late night screenings, tastemakers with super famous stars (so difficult, I know) and bunches of awards shows. No wonder I haven’t written in months!

Who would have thought that Hollywood’s awards season was built around such a big campaign – making sure you get every aspect of the film out to the members of the illustrious Academy or your movies might just miss the mark of a nomination? Just watch E!’s Secret Societies of Hollywood and you’ll learn exactly what I’m talking about…

And for this small town girl, getting to see Leonardo DiCaprio every couple of weeks wasn’t too shabby. You can only imagine my reaction…Jack Dawson, is that you?!

By the time the Academy Awards aired, I was certainly invested in the filmmakers and actors, hoping and praying they’d get some recognition.

By far, the nicest cast of all time – NEBRASKA! June Squibb is literally the sweetest woman EVER. She’s always happy and had so much fun at all of the events. Then, there’s Will Forte – mister MacGruber. Did y’all know he’s been to Abingdon, VA? He even guessed that’s where I was from when I told him I grew up on the TN/VA line. Small world, huh?

You just never know who’s going to show up to the awards shows or events. Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck…I mean will my jaw ever stop dropping?! I guess some people are just used to this kind of life, but one thing’s for sure…I’ll never take it for granted. These experiences and opportunities I’ve gotten during awards season will stay with me for a lifetime. Not only that, but being around so many people who’ve followed their passions and are living their dreams is so INSPIRING! 

The Golden Globes and Oscar parties didn't hurt either. Here we are at the Paramount Golden Globe Party… Go TEAM AWARDS!! :)

How cool would it be to go to those all the time?! It makes me wanna keep makin’ moves and accomplish my goals. One day I’ll be interviewing all of these talented people myself! ;)

Now that things are slowing down… it’s that time of year for country music awards shows and Vegas trips. What can I tell ya…I’ll never have too much of Vegas and country in my life!

Stay tuned for what’s next in 2014 and 25 - the year to thrive!

And of course, always have faith!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I’m a quarter of a century ahhhh!

It’s that time of year again aka MY BIRTHDAY!!! As always, I had to come up with a new birthday slogan for a new year.

First of all…how crazy that I’ve made it to a quarter of a century?!? Like WHAT! I remember thinking I’d have it all together by the time I was 25 haha. Guess you never know what life’s gonna throw at ya!

Coming off 24 – the year to soar, I only found it fitting to continue into 25 with a positive outlook for the next year. So now that I wake up every morning as a 25-year-old, I figured I better start each day ready to thrive. This year’s birthday slogan is (drum roll please)…

I feel like 25 is going to be a great year. Not only do I get to rent cars on my own now (WOOHOO haha), but I’ve made it to the mid-twenties. Sure, it’s scary…but one thing I know for sure is that you have to enter a new year with positive energy so you’re ready to take on each day as a new adventure. There’s so much potential for my 25th year.

I finally feel somewhat stable with a fun job, great friends and a supportive family! Definitely blessed!

And how fun to come into work to find my desk looking like this:

It’s covered in pictures of two studly country men – Chase Rice and Sam Hunt. Y’all should definitely check them out…and I got a pretty cake and breakfast from my bosses too! It definitely made coming to work on my birthday fun!

I actually think with this birthday that I feel the most relaxed going into it, which is strange. I’ve finally somewhat made it into the phase where I can feel relaxed about what’s currently happening in my life and feel excited about what’s to come. Believe it or not, I’m a lot less stressed than expected! 

I’ve already had such a great birthday celebration. I had a wonderful bday dinner Friday night (sportin' some neon pink) and all of my friends “went around the table” (you know I love that) and said a memory they have shared with me. I cried…I laughed… You know me – way too many emotions!

I really do have so much to be grateful for I can't even handle it!! 

So cheers to another year! Time to set some new goals and MAKE MOVESSSS people!!!

25 – the year to thrive!!

Always have faith!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally I can say it's been 24 - the year to soar!

Remember last year when it was my birthday? And I'm weird and come up with slogans every year...

That's right - last year's was 24-the year to soar. Well shoot...I had just plum given up thinking 24 was gonna be a soarin' kind of year, but oh how things changed!

I am no longer a Paramount page but a full-time real life grown up working in the Awards department at Paramount Pictures. That's right, I have a real job! WHAT?!

I thought it was never gonna happen. I had gotten used to my page uniform and small paychecks, but finally when I thought I couldn't give another dern tour, everything changed. Finally!!

And I must say my last day as a page was a great one. I worked The Doctors that day and got serenaded by the audience and took a picture with my favorite crew guys EVER!! Plus, all of my fellow page friends knew I just hated wearing those high-waisted khakis and blazer every day. It was almost surreal that I could retire that uniform forever.


No matter how much I may have complained about giving tours and wearing that uniform, being a page was the best first job a girl could ask for! It was like high school round two. You're basically hanging out with 50 people your age all the time. It was definitely a blessing and a great way to meet new friends in a brand new, scary city. Plus, I always LOVED working the shows and learning all about producing TV. You know I love me my talk shows... One day people, one day!

On September 30th, 2013 I began a brand new adventure. Now, I have my very own cubicle (which I plan to decorate with studly country musicians) and my own extension. Like people can actually call Paramount Pictures and ask for Whitney Fern. Craziness!

I just started my fourth week in the Paramount Awards department and I'm loving it. I get to plan and attend lots of fun, Hollywood events with big-time people! And if you know me at all, you know I love flitting around at events and meeting and mingling with lots of new people. So it's definitely a perfect fit!

I also somehow lucked out with a great boss who bought me Zac Brown Band tickets ahhh!! Can't wait to have some fun at the Hollywood Bowl this Friday!

So I guess it all worked out after-all. It's all been a big ole test of my patience that's for sure. At some point you just have to let go of everything and stop trying to control the outcome and pray that it all works out. And it usually does...

Looks like I better get ready for a jam-packed Awards season... Good thing I had a relaxing trip to Palm Springs right before I started the new job.

I decided to celebrate with a spa day... Turns out when I ask for a lady to be my masseuse they assumed I really mean an 18-year-old boy named Pedro. Let's just say it was more awkward and less relaxing than I'd hoped...

Other than that (and a crazy waiter), the trip was great! It ended up being a ZTA trip with three of my college sorority sisters. Good times!

I can't say 24 was a total bust until this new job. I mean I did get to go to a ton of country award shows and concerts, which I LOVE!!! And I've gotten to interview a ton of awesome actors and country artists as well!

Like these guys: Jared & the Mill. They're awesome and y'all should check them out!

Or if you're a fan of the TV show Nashville, we interviewed Chaley Rose who plays Zoey. She was the best!

Twenty-four was definitely filled with a bunch of new experiences and there's still so much more to look forward to!

I'm working a movie premiere tomorrow night for Jackass: Bad Grandpa!!

And I'm heading to Nashville for the CMA's in a couple of weeks. I'm sure it'll be another eventful trip! So I better plug the best country site EVER - I swear you'll love it! ;)

So that's what's new... Can't wait to see what happens next!

And don't worry...less than a month until my next slogan! I know you're just biting your nails wanting to know what it is. Ahhhh 25!!!  ;)

Let's hope it's even better than 24...if that's possible!

Always have faith!! (It's all that really matters after-all...)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Fallin'

YAY for fall!!! Well, in like four days.

You know what that means... Pumpkin Spice Latte's at Starbucks and all your favorite shows filling up your DVR. Sweatshirt time and Halloween!

I know, I know... Do you really get fall in Southern California? Not really. I do miss the changing leaves and the football games for sure. But we all know I never wear jeans, so that's a positive!

I don't know what it is about the changing seasons, but it just feels like every time the new season comes along, you turn over a new leaf (pun intended).

It's a time for new possibilities and opportunities. I mean it is the end of the fiscal year, so who knows what jobs may open up. ;) But for real - now's the time to try something new or visit a different place. Because, why not?

I decided to kick off fall with some old and some new. Next weekend, I'm off to Palm Springs, courtesy of The Ellen Show (you know I can't afford to stay at a resort on my dang budget) with some college friends! We'll wine and dine and maybe even hit up the spa - start the fall off right!

Not only that, but I've also decided it's time to meet more people. So why not go to a ZTA alumni wine tasting (yay for sisters!) and head to the Southern Colleges Mixer later this week? I'm just gonna enjoy the everyday.

So I thought I'd just share a few of my favorites when it comes to fall:

1. I know I mentioned it before, but c'mon, it's a pumpkin spice latte! YUM!

2. And my favorite show EVER is back on TV. Finally! Who wouldn't fall in love with Nick Miller? I mean he's unemployed, acts like an old man and never cleans. But he's SO funny! Seriously, I'm in love.

3. Finally, an excuse to condone my candy obsession. Fall means Halloween which equals lots and lots of candy!

4.  Oversized sweaters. No need for those summer sundresses anymore... just cozy up and get warm! (This one might be a little much, boys.)

5. SOUP! Who doesn't love soup? I'm ready for it Chef Heather's!

Really, fall is the time to be free and to just enjoy the little things. After all, it never hurts to be reminded of your childhood and how far you've come. That's right...even if it means pretending to date a character on TV just because he makes you laugh. is good! :)

What are your fall favorites??

Always have faith!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Summer Time Bucket List

Yep - it's been a while since I've sat down to write... Given that it's mid-June, I thought, "What do I want to do this summer?"

And a lot has already been accomplished!

Everyone loves a good wedding - and no worries, I've been there, done that already... so that's one check off of my summer time bucket list! My bestie Hannah got married on June 8th!! I felt so blessed to share the special day with her as her maid of honor. Here we are before the rehearsal dinner:

We sure have come a long way, haven't we??

Going back to good ole Abingdon, VA for the wedding reminded me of all the good times growing up. I got to see a ton of people I grew up with and it made me realize just how fast time flies. I mean my best friend is MARRIED! AHHHH

Next on my bucket list: Visit a fun, new city

Well that's a check too because I headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the CMT Awards and CMA Fest!! Let me tell ya, that place is the BEST! I definitely plan to make my way back South eventually, and Nashville is the place for me. Talk about everything you could ask for - cute guys, great food, and country music! It doesn't get any better than that!

I had an absolute blast going to the award show and interviewing different country artists for Who wouldn't want to go to a bar and see Zac Brown playing the guitar? Or Kip Moore just chillin' and chatting with people? That's the life!

Then of course, when it comes to summer time, a great tan is a must!

That's my next I'm heading to Charleston, SC on a redeye flight TONIGHT! You may think why would you leave California and go to a beach in South Carolina?! Well...don't judge me, but I'm not gonna lie.. sometimes I really do miss the humidity. I've been spoiled with the Cali weather and I'm ready to sweat haha!

What else...

One of my summer musts is... a trip to VEGAS!!!

If you only live a 4 hour drive away, then there's no excuse not to go! Now it's time for some planning!

Of course I'll be celebrating the good ole USA. Can't wait for the 4th of July! Fireworks, friends and fun... and a bonfire would be a nice touch! Let's see if this year is better than last year...

That's about all I've got on my summer time bucket list so far...

I'm sure I'll think of many more things I'd like to check off my list soon. Until then, I'll be listening to country music and dreaming about my future ;)

What are y'alls summer plans?!

Until next time...

Always have faith!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The stages of life... and where do I fit in?!

A LOT has been happening lately...

News of engagements and upcoming nuptials, babies-a-comin, and college spring breaks.

It all made me take a step back and think about the stages of life. Oh how things change!

My sister just had her college spring break and her and a friend made the trek out to Southern California for a few days! What a blast! We went to the beach in March - 80 degree weather. You can't beat that! We also went on a Starline tour to check out all of the celeb's about inspiration! Shew...those houses were GORGEOUS!

It was a fun trip for sure and made me experience other parts of LA I had yet to see - like Saddle Ranch Steakhouse with the mechanical bull and Hollywood hotspot and eatery, The Ivy.

The whole trip made me think about my spring breaks and how different life was back then. We sure did have a blast in Cozumel and Cancun... I remember complaining about school work and worrying about grades. Now, I look back and think, "Man, I had it good back then." Good friends and a fun college atmosphere. Next thing you know, you're living in a big city chasing your dreams and making plans to celebrate your friend's weddings!!

And boy, am I a sucker for a good wedding, that's for sure!! I just flew home to throw my bestie her bridal shower! - Southern style!

We had a blast! I was in my element, hosting a party! I just can't even describe how happy I am to share in this special time with Hannah (see pic below...weren't we just livin' the dream)! And with all of my other friends who are in the same stage in life...

The news just gets better and better too!

Yay for another baby coming into the family!! My Godsister found out she's preggers! WOOHOO!!! Who doesn't love babies?! It's going to be one packed house come holiday time!!

When I was younger...
(all fresh faced and youthful)
...I definitely had no clue what life would be like at 24. But you realize you're so much more aware of what's going on with friends and family and you're mature enough to see the stages of life in all their glory! Boy, it puts things in perspective.

I definitely used to think - "Wow, when I'm 24 years old, I'll have my life together - I'll be settled and stable and married..." haha WHAT?!?

What you assume you'll be doing at a certain age when you're a young girl never really turns out the way you thought it would. And that's what life's all about!

It's an adventure!

It can't be planned. That's when you realize the stage of life you're in right now, is exactly where you're meant to be! Sure - I'd love to have my dream job and dream man right now ;), but if I had everything figured out, then I wouldn't be learning so much about myself on this wild ride to find my purpose in life.

So now, I vow to enjoy the present! It's time to sit back and enjoy this roller coaster called LIFE.

As my Momma always told me..."Patience is a virtue." And that's one virtue I've got to work hard at upholding! ;)

Who knows what's in store tomorrow or a year from now... but isn't that what's exciting?!?

The best thing you can do is:

Always have faith!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vow to be spontaneous in 2013!

Well y'all...since it's a new year, my roomie and I decided we're going to get off the couch and be more spontaneous!

Yeah, we've lived in LA for over a year, but there is SO much we have yet to experience. So we have vowed to do something new and adventurous each week.

I must say we're doing pretty well so far!

We started out 2013 pretty darn strong if you ask me. Our first weekend, we brought out our inner child and headed to the LA Zoo!

It was a great day! We saw all the animals and definitely got our exercise for the day. You should definitely go once!

And later that night, even though we were tired ladies, we headed to Santa Monica to The Wilshire. It was a new bar we hadn't tried yet, and we'll definitely be going back!

Later that week, I interviewed an up-and-coming country artist named Chris Janson! Check out my blog here:

Also, I got to work the ABC Press Tour. Talk about a blast - and not to mention, lots of celebs! We got to help with different panels like for Pretty Little Liars and other shows. And later that night, we escorted the celebs to the red carpet! Obviously, I fell in love with Sean Lowe (The Bachelor). What a hunk! But I also saw stars from Revenge, Happy Endings, Nashville and Scandal. You name an ABC show, and I bet I saw somebody from it! It was such a cool experience and made me want to be a correspondent so much more! Basically television critics and bloggers come to the press tour and interview show producers and actors, and then go back and write reviews. What a cool job!

Let's see - we're in day 22 of January, so there's definitely been a lot going on...

Guess this will be a long blog so I can catch y'all up with my LA adventures!

Last weekend, I went to brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. You've gotta try this place out at least once. It's such an experience and feels so 'Old Hollywood,' which is cool! I had the Maine Lobster salad. Talk about good food!

And this past weekend was the best! My bestie from New York came to visit, and boy were we spontaneous! When you have someone coming to visit, it's an excuse to do things you haven't done before!

Plus, she must have been our good luck charm because we literally saw at least one celeb each day she was in LA! Crazy!

We went out for a nice lunch in Beverly Hills on Friday and saw Derek Hough!

Then on Saturday, we headed to the beach! We went to Santa Monica for a day in the sun, and we even went to the pier and rode some rides! Here's the gorgeous view from the top of the ferris wheel:

I felt like a kid again. I don't know what it is, but my friends can tell you...I act like a crazy person when it comes to riding roller coasters haha!

After our excursion, we decided to go to a dive bar to relax and chat. And guess who's there?! None other than Mr. Legally Blonde, Luke Wilson. He was just chillin' with the guys.

Then on Sunday, we decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. It's seriously been the most beautiful weather in LA. 80 degrees in January! Is this real life?!

It was so pretty! And after such a hike, we were hungry ladies, so we headed off to Sunday brunch at BLD. We wanted to try something new, and it was a great place! We even saw Chuck Bass dining at the same restaurant. Let me tell ya...the dude has swag haha!

Our goal was to try as many new places as possible, so next stop was MILK! Yummy ice cream and milkshakes, and since we felt like we were on vacation the entire weekend, we said why not?!

You can see I enjoyed it... Tasted like heaven to me haha!

We were so sad when the weekend came to an end and we had to take Nina back to the airport. But before she left, we took her to experience The Grove - one of my favorite places in LA. We were just enjoying our lunch as Scott Speedman walked by. Now, I mentioned a while back that my roommate and I literally record like 20 shows a week on our DVR (probably a lot of random ones that y'all don't watch). This guy was the main actor on Last Resort, but it got cancelled. I literally just glanced up and there he was crossing the street. It didn't end there...we walked through the Farmer's Market and saw Joe Manganiello enjoying his lunch. Can we say Magic Mike?! Like what?! We obviously need to get out more on the weekends haha!

Overall - January has definitely been a successful month. And it's not even over yet!

I can only imagine what other adventures 2013 will bring, and I can't wait to share!! :)

Always have faith!!